May 21, 2013

First Mobile Affiliate Featured in Mobile Entertainment Daily Again!

Back in the press! Check out this interview in one of our favorite mobile publications Mobile Entertainment Daily:


Vice president of business development Yarka Svalekova on the future of adult content and services in the world of mobile.

With the world of adult mobile content expanding by the minute, there are now all manner of products and services available on the market. Whether it be VOD, dating sites, or more niche material, the number of adult companies in the adult market seeking the best way to monetise their mobile services is growing at an ever-accelerating rate.

One such specialist in the art of monetising mobile via adult entertainment and dating sites on mobile is First Mobile Affiliate. Since forming in 2009, the company has been at the cutting edge of the adult mobile sector, providing innovative content delivery solutions via mobile web.

Over the past four years, First Mobile Affiliate has been delivering white label solutions for mobile video portals and social networks, building mobile optimised sites and implementing mobile payment solutions across the globe.

This week, Mobile Entertainment sat down for a chat with the company’s vice president of business development Yarka Svalekova, to discuss the future of adult entertainment in the mobile sector and how adult companies can capitalise upon its potential.

Daniel Gumble: With such an array of adult mobile service available to users these days, such as VOD, dating sites, live chat sites etc., which areas do you see really dominating the adult content space?

Yarka Svalekova: I believe that VOD tube sites will most likely remain dominant in terms of the number of people viewing them, but in terms of commercial success and monetisation, I believe that niche content and live video chat services will become the most prominent revenue drivers.

DG: Why do you think it is it that such services will come to prominence in the adult content space?

YS: Because the mobile audience is really looking for innovative content and services - technology is advancing and so are the demands of the consumer. People are starting to want something more interesting and engaging than just more and more videos on demand. Therefore, it is our belief that technologically advanced services will begin to gather pace.

We also believe that niche content and services that are harder to get when compared to regular adult services will start to do better business. Mainstream porn and adult material can be found on all kinds of tube sites, whereas with nice content, people are more likely to return as it is harder get, harder to find, and will probably cost more to produce.

DG: The integration of augmented reality within apps is something that continues to grow across the app ecosystem as a whole. Do you see the adult mobile content sector as a place in which AR could thrive?

YS: It’s certainly an interesting question. While it is something that can be used in innovative and interesting ways in a number of different verticals, I feel that there may be certain factors, which prevent it from becoming a prominent aspect of adult mobile entertainment.

DG: What kinds of factors do you see becoming a stumbling block?

YS: Well, it poses a very difficult challenge for a lot of companies from a technological standpoint, and it might not be financially feasible for many businesses. However, there are several companies that are look for new and innovative ways of providing adult services, it’s just something that I personally do not see taking off.

DG: How can adult firms most effectively monetise their products and services in the adult content ecosystem?

YS: I wish I had a definitive answer for that, and then we’d all be millionaires! I think that effective monetisation is closely related to the fluidity and speed of billing, especially for the consumer from a convenience standpoint. So, essentially, a streamlined payment process is of huge importance when it comes to monetising adult content.

DG: It seems that in the mobile app ecosystem as a whole, more and more brands are starting to wake up to the power of mobile as a crucial advertising tool. Is this something that is currently happening in the adult sector?

YS: Not necessarily as an advertising tool, but I think a lot of companies in this sector are looking at mobile as a key distribution channel. So, mobile will help significantly in the expansion of adult entertainment in general. We are now trying to implement ways to apply and bring adult content and services to mobile and make them work in the most efficient and effective ways.

DG: Do you see many difficulties for those looking to bring their content and services to mobile?

YS: Well, for companies that have been working for many years solely on websites it can be very difficult to move successfully to mobile, as they are very different platforms. From a technological standpoint, the two are very different from one another.

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