Oct 12, 2018

VR Reality Show: Game Changer for Reality Lovers

Reality Lovers has launched the last Episode of its uber successful VR reality show Mica’s Hause Der Pornostars.

The biggest production for the studio to date, with 10 adult stars, the reality show includes 4 hardcore scenes and 1 soft lesbian erotic scene between Micaela Schaefer herself and Jolee Love.

Picture left, cast of VR reality show Mica’s House of Pornstars, a parody of Das Sommerhaus Der Stars.

The entire series has brought Reality Lovers an increase a 4-fold increase in DACH visitors (DACH refers to the countries of Germany, Austria, and Switzerland) over the previous period.

In addition to that, this increased traffic has generated a 15-fold boost in DACH customers for the studio. The success of the reality show only underscores the public’s openness and curiosity in exploring human sexuality, even alternative lifestyles.

Reality Lovers has concentrated Germany’s hottest pornstars under one roof, dispensed some ground rules, and flipped on the cameras to see what transpires.

Micaela Schaefer, Texas Patti, Conny Dachs, Jason Steel, Jolee Love or Kimber Lee, have all had to get comfortable with each other at the villa really quick. Otherwise, their existence would be hell.

The last episode featuring an erotic act by Micaela Schaefer and Jolee Love has really stirred up controversy. Such a flourishing romance was never on anyone’s radar screen during the filming of the show and has left everyone aghast.

There was nothing to be taken for granted, no script to go by, each participant only had their partner to rely on, well almost. In short, Mica’s house was one anything-goes kind of experience.

Reality Lovers' reality show was hosted by the presenter, erotic model and well-known personality Micaela Schaefer.

The experience with the project serves as an encouragement for the studio to pursue similar undertakings in the future.


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